6 Reasons Why You Need a Morning Routine

“I’m not a morning person!” I hear over and over from people. And it’s true to some degree. People do have an inborn circadian rhythm that may preclude them from becoming a morning person. However, I can affirm by my own experience that it is possible to train one's brain if motivated enough to do so.

I remember my mom waking me up at 7 am and being grouchy. And yet, today I rise at 5 am with no alarm clock, no one telling me I have to get up, and indeed I don’t leave for work until much later in the morning - some days as late as 10 am. So what in the world gets one up five hours before they have to rise?

  1. Rising in the morning well before you are required to be awake and attentive gives you a sense of well-being, groundedness, centered, feeling secure and in control of yourself and your life.

  2. Rising before others in the household gives you the ability to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally to meet the challenges of the day.

  3. Rising early in the morning gives you a sense of peacefulness because there is no sound, no  one else moving around in the area, you can be utterly alone with your thoughts, and ready to have clarity and communion with the divine.

  4. Rising earlier in the morning gives you the opportunity to use your clarity of thought to plan your tasks for the day or week.

  5. Your brain has replenished chemicals in your brain giving you a sense of wellness, your body is in a state of relaxation and has been healing during the nighttime, preparing you for challenges that may come throughout the day.

  6. Creating a routine for the morning gives you something to look forward to, gets you up and going and feeling that you have time to accomplish important work.

One of my pro tips is to make yourself a list of morning tasks and then follow through with it each day. It can give you a sense of accomplishment so that waking in the morning seems to be a positive experience - one you look forward to doing.

What needs to be in your morning routine to make your life smoother? What do you need to plan or organize so that you wake with positive energy, looking forward to the day? What do you need to add to your morning routine to help you feel grounded, centered, and well?

What do you need to do first thing in the morning tomorrow?

Kathy Bruner, LCMHC
Clinical Director, Mt. Grove Counseling


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